Saturday, January 17, 2009


My doctor told me I am overweight. I am 5'8, and I weigh 145 pounds. I could see where I could stand to lose about 5 pounds, but he told me he wants me to weigh 125!!! ONE TWENTY FIVE. I mean, come on--do you know how sickly I would look if I weighed 125? I am a chesty girl, and just bigger all around, so I cannot imagine weighing 20 pounds less. My face would look like it had plastic surgery. Forget the fact that I haven't weighed 125 since I was in 6th grade. I weighed 144 all through high school.

Crazy doctors. That's what pushes people over the edge. Makes me mad.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

One hundred and eighty seven dollars

I can only be mad at myself.

My husband and I use our Disney Visa card for everything. We put every single thing on it that we can, and we pay it off at the end of the month. We get 1% back in Disney money to use when we go to Disney World. We were just there in March and "cashed in" all of our dollars for that trip. Between then and now, just a short nine months, we have accumulated $187 to spend. That means, yes, folks, we have spent $18,700 in the last nine months. The shocker is that we can't charge our car payments or our mortgage. So, we've spent this kind of money on what? I do not know.

It's kind of disgusting when you think about it.