Wednesday, March 11, 2009

people who call in sick

If you've ever worked or managed in a retail sales environment, you can appreciate that. Because someone (usually me) is picking up that person's opening shift, which means I'm working open to close. I am shooting ugly thoughts their way--since they woke me up at 6:45 AM to tell me they weren't coming in and I had to haul myself out of bed and come up here.

Evil. Pure evil.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


One thing I will never understand is people who balk at showing ID for writing checks, using credit cards, getting in their safe deposit box...I mean, they act like I just walked up to them on the street and said, "hey dude, can I see your driver's license?" When they actually came to me to transact some sort of business and then act like I'm inconveniencing them when I ask to verify who they are before I run their credit card for $500. If I didn't check the fucking ID and the transaction wasn't legitimate, then they'd be raising hell about that. I get pissed when people DON'T want to see my ID when I'm paying for something in some way other than cash money. And who thinks they should get in a safe box with just their key and charm? Do you want your kids to find your damned safe box key and come in and wipe out all of your jewelry, because people do know how to forge a signature you know. They could get your key, forge your signature, and if I'm not looking at your ID, I've just let them in your box.

What in the hell is wrong with people?