Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gift cards

I appreciate a gift card. Who doesn't? But can you take the extra five seconds to write the effing amount on the line on the inside? It will save me the five freaking minutes trying to pull up the website, find the right area to check the balance, type in the forty digit number, and scratch off the security code. I don't understand why nobody ever writes the amounts on the gift cards. I'm not trying to be an a-hole, but I'd rather not have the $25 gift card than have to look all of the shit up.

*This is not intended for those nice friends of mine who like to give me gift cards and always write the dollar amounts on the little enclosed cards. Please, keep THOSE coming.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


So, I'm out shopping at the Goodwill. It's my normal weekend ritual. I have my discount card and everything. I've found a few items, and it's time to try them on. At this particular Goodwill, there is a row of dressing rooms with closet type doors that lock. You can't see feet or anything below them. They are always shut all the time.

I go down the row and discreetly turn the knobs to see if the doors are locked. If they're locked, someone's in there, and I go to the next one. Simple, right?

Nope. Some asshole was standing mostly naked in his dressing room and didn't lock the door. So, when I turned the door knob, it opened. It was only about three inches, and all I saw were this man's legs and his tightey whiteys. But he starts screaming in the store about who opens the door without knocking and what not. I told him the door had a lock, and if he was too stupid to use it, then that wasn't my problem. His wife or girl friend or whoever then starts yelling at him and asking him why he didn't have the door shut.

Apparently, he must have really thought I wanted to see his business, because he kept bitching the entire time he was in the dressing room. I had to let him know...look buddy, I have a husband, so I can look at his business all I want to, and he's thinner and younger than you are. It took all I had not to punch his 50 year old ass in the face. Or the junk.

I don't think he was exhibiting the attitude that Goodwill is all about. Stupid people should not be allowed out in the world. Not even for shopping at the thrift store.