Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Garage Sales

You know what is really annoying? I LOVE garage sales. True, that might be the annoying thing, like to my husband, but that's not to what I'm referring, at least now. Anyway, I LOVE garage sales. When I can, on Saturdays, I map out a route. I pick garage sales that are Saturday only so they aren't already picked over from Friday, and I stagger them based on start time so I get to hit a few right when they start. What else do I look for? Well, I look to see if they're selling craft supplies or designer clothes or things I might be interested in buying. But those are few and far between, so next I look at garage sales that are multi family or are advertised as huge.

So, when I get there, you know what I expect to see? I expect to see a HUGE garage sale. If you say your garage sales is five family, I expect all five families contributed a good amount of items to your sale. Unfortunately, a good lot of the time, it looks like the families contributed about ten items a piece, which really pisses me off. What, do you think if you get me there, I'm going to buy something? It's not the mall. When you only have two tables with some bric-a-brac on them, that's not going to cut it. You've just wasted my time. I could have been at the Jewish temple stocking up on the good stuff! Instead I've wasted 30 minutes, my gas, and for what? A BIG FAT LIE! A FALSE ADVERTISEMENT! A-HOLE GARAGE SALE LIARS!