Sunday, August 31, 2008

Air Conditioner

My work has no air conditioner. It has not had air conditioner since Tuesday morning. Now, here's the thing...the air conditioner didn't break. Nope. It hadn't been cooling as much as it should, so our building manager decided August would be the time to schedule a maintenance. Well, it turns out, the damage is more extensive than originally thought. So, rather than go ahead and turn the air conditioner back on and have us work in 78 degree weather, warm, but livable, some fucktard decided to go ahead with the project and shut down our air conditioning for at least a week.

You know why? It's because that fucktard doesn't have to come in and work in my building when it is a whopping 95 degrees. They don't have to dress in a suit and smile at customers and seem like they really care about how so and so's account is overdrawn $500 when all they can really think about is how their skin is melting off their body. They don't have to guzzle down 27 bottles of water and gatorade all day just to stay hydrated so they don't pass out. No, that person is sitting in their air conditioned office thinking all of us who are complaining are just being babies and that we should man up. They haven't said that, but I know that's what FT is thinking.

And that...that makes me mad. Almost as mad as the thought of having to go into the fifth level of hell on Tuesday after the place has been shut up for three days in the heat due to the Labor Day holiday. Almost that mad, but not quite. Fucktard.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


In the same vein of the last post, let's talk Birkenstocks. Because my teacher had them on tonight. With socks.

Now, unless you're in Colorado, or just a complete hippie tree hugger, these shoes are not appropriate. And even then, they are not fashionable. But with socks? Come on...what were you thinking? Isn't the point of wearing Birkenstocks that they are sandals, and are therefore cool in temperature on your feet? Then why in the hell would you put them on with socks? Forget ugly, where's the practicality in that? And you're a doctor for Christ's sake!

I always hated those shoes. I was terribly unprepared to see they had made a comeback. Very upsetting all around.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Any time I see a person with open toed shoes on and panty hose, I want to slap them. If they're younger than 60, I want to slap them twice, because they should definitely know better. Especially when the hose have the reinforced toe. There is just no excuse. What is the point in wearing open toed shoes anyway if you put crusty old panty hose on with them?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Attendance requirement

I started my new class this past Tuesday, and guess what? There's an attendance requirement! No more than three absences in a semester, or your grade drops to a B, and then one letter grade per absence after this.

Now, when I was an undergraduate student, I could understand the attendance requirement. But as a graduate student, and a thirty three year old adult person, I find it a bunch of BS. I have paid for this class--$600, and if I decide to go twice, only to take the mid term and final, and am willing to risk I might fail due to missing lecture, it is my right. I do not like that I am being treated like a child who has to be forced to go to school. Didn't I choose to do this? Didn't I pay my own cash money to enroll in the class? I think I did. And if I want to waste that money, then it's my right.

So, I'm pissed off. I am already going to have three absences that are preplanned, which means I cannot miss even one more time or automatically, a B.

I am thinking about staging a sit in.

Monday, August 18, 2008

cell phones

First, let me say that I never upgrade my phone. I don't need a fancy one that takes photos or can get on the internet. I just need to be able to call people, and so long as I can do that, I'm okay. My husband, on the other hand has to have the newest and best cell phone on the market. Or at least he thinks he does. So, he was really excited when my phone charger broke and I said that I wanted to go and look at getting a new phone.

We talked about switching from Sprint to AT&T, but we have several phones tied to our Sprint account, and I decided to just see what Sprint had to offer. He wants the iPhone, and was really hoping for a switch, but I just didn't feel like messing with it.

So, we go to the Sprint store. It's a freestanding store, and it just sells Sprint phones, so it's not like some random guys just trying to make a buck. Only the second we walked in, I felt like I was buying a used car. This guy had his shirt unbuttoned with a big gold necklace with a M on it, that was accentuated by the many curly, dark hairs on his chest. And he was pushy. Like a used car salesman. Only I wasn't buying a $10,000 car, but instead a $100 phone. The best part was that they didn't tell me all of the charges for everything. You know, kind of like how you buy a car, but they hide the fact that say, oh the transmission doesn't work properly.

When did buying a phone come to this? Oh wait, it's always been kind of like that--a bunch of salesman trying to sell you a bunch of shit you don't need or want. Which is why I don't ever trade out my phone.

But the thing that really made me mad? It was that hidden charge. I've been with Sprint for at least five years, never paid anything late, and they wanted to charge me $18 to just activate the stupid phone. Ridiculous. I walked out. And then went straight to Target and bought a charger. Guess I'll just have to wait until the phone actually breaks.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Last night I had a nightmare. Twice. I had it the first time, it woke me up, and I went to pee. Then I went back to sleep and had it again. Not the exact same nightmare, just a continuation of the first one. It's like I was watching a TV show, and the pee was my commercial break, and when I went back to sleep, the show was off commercial and started right back up again. Pissed me off so bad that after the second time, I just stayed awake. Does this ever happen to you? And why is it that it never happens with the good dreams. You know, those dreams where you are just about to kiss Christian Bale, and you wake up--you never get to start those back up again. It's over once you open your eyes never to return. It's just another of life's mysteries. You would think your brain would be less likely to return to the nightmare, and more likely to return to Mr. Hottie with his lips puckered up. But alas, it is not so.

Life is so unfair.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I have never heard of this. Ever. Of course, when I was in college, it was near a decade ago, but whatever. That's not the point.

The point is that I cannot pay my tuition for my master's degree on my credit card! Do you know how many points in a year that would net me on my Disney Visa Rewards card? What, are they trying to protect students from racking up unGodly amounts of debt? I don't know, but it pisses me off. They'll take a debit card, but they charge a 2.75% surcharge, and if you write a freaking check they hold it for several weeks.

Stupid school.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Greeting Cards

The price of greeting cards makes me mad. I mean, come on, $4.50 for a card with some glitter and glue? Personally, I'd rather have you put that $4.50 onto the giftcard you're getting so I can spend it on something worthwhile rather than you spend it on a stupid card that I am just going to throw in the trash. I'd rather you make me a card and upgrade my gift by $4.50! So, if you're my friend and you are getting me a gift, please, forego the card. Honest.

I am banning greeting card companies. No more! I'll be picking up the blank cards out of the dollar bin at Target. Just so you know...

Monday, August 4, 2008

360 degrees?

It really annoys me when someone says another person has made a 360 degree turn around. Hello, Mr. Idiot--if someone made a 360 degree turn around, they'd be right back where they started. It's 180 degree turn around! ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY DEGREES!


Friday, August 1, 2008

Five little letters

There are five letters that incite immediate anger in me. Yep. It's OBGYN. And why is that?

It mostly comes from just one statement. And that statement is, "relaaaaxxx." Excuse me? You want me to relax? You want me to lay my legs back as far as they'll go while you shove a big metal thing up my vagina and then pop it open like you're jacking up a car? AND THEN, after that, you are going to stick your damned fingers up there and push on my stomach? And maybe, if I'm really lucky, you'll also stick your finger up my a-hole and push on my stomach again. And all of this intimacy is done in about five minutes? Puh-lease. I'm not relaxing. There's just no way. So stop telling me to do it! Just do your business, get done, and let me get the hell out of there, where hopefully I get to wait an entire year before I have to let you touch my ovaries again.

I hate going to the freaking OBGYN. It makes me mad.