Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Though I have not written in awhile, I assure you, there are still things that are making me mad. I've just been to busy to jot them down.

But now that classes are nearly over, I've found the time to document my most recent anger inducing moment.

And it's...drum roll please....newly washed jeans. You get your hair done. You get your make up on. You feel like you're looking good. And then you go to pull those jeans out of the dryer and put them on. Now good sense has told you not to dry your jeans in the dryer, but it was an emergency. You needed them. You didn't have time to wash them and then hang them to dry. And so there you have it. You threw them in the dryer. Only now, as you try to squeeze your what now feels like the fattest ass in the world into them, you remember why you don't put your jeans in the dryer. Your muffin top protrudes out of the top. Those jeans that two days ago fit you fine, were maybe even a little on the loose side, now barely button. You bend. You stretch. But try as you might, those suckers aren't budging. They are tight as can be.

And so the girl whose reflection you saw in the mirror five minutes ago, the pretty one, has now turned into the fat, uncomfortable one in the too tight jeans.

Damned dryer. It's been the culprit that's ruined many a night out.