Wednesday, October 29, 2008

On the phone

You know what my new pet peeve is? Customers who can clearly see I'm on the phone in my office and just bust on in anyway. Sometimes, I even have my door shut while I'm discussing someone's personal business in depth. It doesn't stop anyone. That closed door is apparently not a clue for the dim witted.

Do you think the customer I'm on the phone with wants me to discuss their personal business in front of some random person they don't know? Would you like if I did that to you? Do you think you might be one of the most stupid people to walk the earth or is it just that no one ever taught you any manners? All important questions that alas, I cannot ask. I am forced to politely ask said idiot if they can sit outside for a moment while I finish up the conversation I am having.

Drives me nuts.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Hills (again)

I had to turn the TV off in disgust last night. I do not know if I can continue to watch The Hills. The girls on there must be the most idiotic group of girls in the whole world. I am worn out watching them get treated like crap and sticking around with their boyfriends to continue to get treated like more crap. You think they're going to grow some balls, as they leave for a bit, but they always come back sans balls. And they could probably have any guy in the world. Why in the hell do they want to stick with these assholes?

It makes me mad that they are teaching young women that it's okay to get treated like crap.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Fringe

It is no X Files. People are saying it is, but they must be desperate. I miss the X Files as much as any sci fi nerd. And The Fringe, don't get me wrong, it's good. But the story lines aren't even as close to as interesting as they were in the X Files. Now Joshua Jackson, he's a plus, but not enough for the show to be as good as X.

Those TV review critics who got me all excited about a new X Files show...they've made me mad. And disappointed.

Friday, October 24, 2008


I had an interview yesterday morning at 11 AM. Not one for me--I was interviewing a candidate for a position I have available. She didn't show up. No call, nothing. And then I had another one scheduled for noon. She called to say that time wouldn't work for her, and so we moved it to four, which then also didn't work for her, so we moved it to 8 AM this morning. Guess what? She didn't show up.

Who in the fuck doesn't show up for an interview? I mean if you took the time to apply, made it through the HR people, and got an okay on the background checks, why would you just not show up? I cannot figure this out.

It pisses me off. It's a waste of my time and it's disrespectful and it's inconsiderate. I wish I knew what these people looked like or where they lived. I might have to go and slap them.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


One of the big big bosses used this word yesterday in a region wide meeting. order to have the word manager in your title, unless it's at Wal-Mart, you should at the very least know basic english. Where in the hell do people come up with these fake words?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


My husband is a fat, lazy slob. Okay, so not so much fat or a slob, but he is definitely lazy. I bust it out on the elliptical 30 minutes and he sits on his computer and looks at the internet or plays me songs. It makes me mad.

But we've decided to try to be runners. So, we've looked up a schedule on how to be able to run two miles in 8 weeks. I'm out there the first day, ready to go, thinking I'm going to whip his ass at this running thing because I exercise ten times more than he does. But alas, it is not so. His lazy ass runs faster, longer, and with greater ease than I do. He's done with his few minutes of running before I'm even half way round the block. I do not understand. And that makes me even more mad than his lazy ass sitting on the computer while I'm sweating it up on the elliptical.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Big Dogs

Have I done this one already? I can't remember. But especially during Halloween, it makes me mad. So, there you go.

Why, I ask you...WHY is it that there are loads of clothes for little dogs--little yellow rain slickers and tartan plaid hats and sweatshirts with clever sayings on them, but nothing for the (wanting to be) fashionably dressed 75 pound mutt?

I want to get my dog a Halloween costume. Nothing fancy. Nothing expensive. So, I head to Pet Smart. Nothing there for a dog over 35 pounds. And Target? Same thing, and they call their 35 pound dog outfits size large. I wonder what my dog's size would be--super duper large? Not very sensitive on Target's part.

I know he's hurt. I know on Halloween, he'll be devastated when he sees the other dogs roaming the neighborhood in their fancy schmancy costumes with their noses turned up. I know when I had to tell him, "they don't make any costumes in your size," it broke his little heart. I could see it all over his face.

But there's no sense in getting his hopes up for that Batman costume when I'm not going to be able to produce it.

That sad look in his eyes makes me mad at the doggie clothing producers of the world. For the love of God people, where are the big dog outfits? Aren't big dogs people, too?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

bounce back

At one time, when I was in my younger years, I could go to work for an eight hour day on four hours of sleep. I would have to work a teller window at 6:45 AM, and I would stay out playing pool until 10:00. Little did I know it would not always be that way.

Now, if I stay out past 12:30, and the time includes 2+ drinks, I can count myself out for the whole next day. I won't wake up early, and when I do wake up, I still do not feel alert and myself.

The bounce back rate from a night on the town for a thirty year old sure does make me mad.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mr. Samuel the baby man

Mr. Samuel comes into my office. He wants to talk about babies (no, I do not have a career that would normally involve talk about babies). He wants to know how many I have. I tell him I have none. He INSISTS that I give him and my husband's name so he and his church group can pray for us at their Monday service. He then proceeds to tell me that his eye doctor and his wife have been barren for seven years, and once they provided their name to the prayer group, she got pregnant within a month. I try to explain to Mr. Samuel that I do not want to have any babies. He does not understand. He tells me the Lord has spoken to him that he should tell me about having babies, because babies are the Lord's plan for everyone. I think this is funny. But the man will not take no for an answer. He takes my card and makes me write down my husband's name.

If I wind up pregnant, I am going to be really mad at Mr. Samuel.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Unfair madness

My husband was sea sick on our cruise. About the only thing he could actually do without looking pukey was lay down in the room in the bed. And that was about the only thing I couldn't do, or I would get pukey. So, the first three days at sea, it was like being on vacation by myself. No one to talk to. No one to drink fruity liquor drinks with. No one to dance with.

But here's the thing...I was mad. Not kind of mad, but really mad at him. I know it wasn't his fault, but that didn't seem to help me contain my anger. Every time I had to do something alone and then come back to find him in a coma due to motion sickness medicine, I wanted to punch him in the face and call him mean names. I did not actually punch him in the face, but I did call him a few mean names.

Sometimes, these kinds of things happen--where I'm mad at someone over something that is really not their fault. I can't seem to control it. And then I get mad at myself.

The best thing is that my husband just looks at me like I'm bitchy and insane. It's a good way to make me feel guilty, but still mad.

Monday, October 6, 2008


My apologies for the lack of posting. I was on a cruise, and believe me, there were plenty of things that made me mad. But here is probably the most annoying thing.

There were 14 floors on my cruise ship. We were on the 3rd floor. When we needed to go to the 4th, 5th, even 6th floor, we would walk up the stairs. It was probably about 20 stairs total between each floor, and the stairs were right next to the elevator, so it's not like If we had to go up to the pools, which were on 11, we would take the elevator. Only we seemed to get on the elevator with people who were only going up two floors, so the stupid thing was stopping on every single floor.

Now, if you are handicapped or overweight or have back or knee problems, I get why you might take an elevator up one floor. But otherwise, why, why, WHY would you inconvenience a bunch of other people, much less waste the time it takes to wait on the elevator to go up one floor? I wish I would have asked someone, much to the embarrassment of my husband, because I just don't get it.

Stupid cruise people made me mad.