Sunday, July 19, 2009

Suze Orman

I like Suze. I think she's a smart cookie. I like watching her on Oprah and watching her deny people who ask to buy stupid stuff and I like reading her column. But sometimes, the people she talks to are just idiots.

This couple on the last show makes about $3500 a month and according to Suze when she breaks down what they are spending, they are actually paying out about $6200 a month and are trying to figure out how to cut back. Then Suze, like she always does, goes through their expenses to make a determination, and one of the things she suggests to the couple is that the woman stop getting manicures and pedicures, on which she spends about $100 a month. If I were Suze, I would have to say, "Are you shitting me? You are paying out almost twice your salary in bills, and your dumb ass is still paying to have your nails done? Buy a damned nail file and some cuticle cream and get over yourself."

Of course, Suze does not say that, which is probably why she gets to be on Oprah and I do not.