Monday, May 18, 2009


I think Facebook is a menace. Sure, it's great to find old friends. But what about when old friends find you? And by old friends I mean either, people you don't even know who in the hell they are, but you went to elementary school or junior high or met at the dentist in 1972 and they've hunted you down OR people who you actually know, but would be perfectly happy living your whole life never talking to, much less having to look at up close on a damned profile picture every day.

But yet, I somehow feel guilty hitting the "ignore" button. So, I accept them, and then I have to listen to their random crap every single day. Which brings up two more subjects.

One, who has the free time to post on that thing 500 times a day. Get a job. A real one. Where you actually do work. No, posting on facebook every ten minutes is not work. And two, do you really think people care to hear what you are doing every second of every day? Can you possibly be that self important? Apparently, about ten of you on my facebook list can.

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