Wednesday, August 25, 2010

School Zone

Hey asshole, school started back last week. So, you know those little squiggly lines on the road and that sign that says 25 with the flashing yellow lights? That's a school zone. Sometimes, you go 20 in the school zone and sometimes, you go 25. But I don't know of a single school zone where you go 40.

So, I don't appreciate you riding my ass while I roll by at 25 and then pulling into the lane next to me and putting the pedal to the metal after you give me your middle finger and look at me like I'm the dumb ass who doesn't know what in the hell is going on.

You pissed me off first thing in the morning, partially by being an idiot, but more because you were trying to act like I should have been riding the "short bus" instead of driving, and you were clearly the one in the wrong. So, even though I know you did not get a ticket in the school zone, because I saw you speed off thinking you were all that, I hope you got a ticket later on in the day. If for no other reason than you ruined my morning.

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