Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Who wore it best?

So, let's talk about this delightful segment in US Weekly. In case you're not familiar, the segment takes 2-3 celebrities who have been photographed wearing the same dress, shirt, skirt, whatever. Then, some VIP *read intern* asks 100 people on the street which celebrity wore it best. People vote, and there you have it, one emerges a winner.

But here's the problem. Sometimes, those folks at Us Weekly, they don't play fair. Take for example this week's competition. A gorgeous royal blue dress featured on both Mary Hart and Giuliana Rancic. Now, Mary Hart is a good looking lady. And she's and especially good looking lady for someone who's 60. But Giuliana Rancic is 35. She has a body that looks 25 years younger than Mary Hart's. Why don't you just put Betty White in the same dress you put on Kim Kardashian and then see who wore it best?

Really? Do you even need to ask that question? Who's going to vote for the old lady in the dress unless she's up against another old lady in the same dress? Just a totally unfair competition. Must have been a barren week for duplicate dress wearing celebrities for them to come up with that one.

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