Sunday, September 14, 2008

Handicapped Parking

My mother has a parking sticker to park in the handicapped spaces. I could care less if I walk from the North 40, but when I'm with my Mom, I want us to get to park close so she doesn't have to walk. So, it really makes me mad when I go somewhere, like this weekend, that has, say 500 parking spots and six of them are flagged as handicapped spaces. Of course, you can imagine that anywhere that feels it is necessary to create a parking lot that houses 500 parking spaces is anticipating quite a crowd. So, wouldn't you think these people--the ones building the parking lot--would guess that there might be more than oh, six people who may need to park in a handicapped space? I would. But then again, when compared to some of the ass wipes who live on the planet, I look like the most intelligent person on Earth.

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