Sunday, August 9, 2009

Shark Week

My husband pointed this out to me last week, so I paid especially close attention to the variety of shark information offered on Discovery Channel's shark week line up. There were still a few informative shows, educating the masses about sharks--how the feed, how they breed, etc. But mostly, the programs were littered with stories of shark attacks. Now, I am not sure how shark week turned into such a gruesome program, but I am not a fan. I am fascinated with sharks, and I have even been diving with them. When I think of Discovery's purpose as a network, I think of it as a place to be educated about, well, all kinds of things. I do not think of it as a place where people go to be instilled with fear regarding any species. Their purpose is to educate, not traumatize. After watching some of those shows, I would have to contemplate wading on the beach shore line, never mind heading out for a SCUBA excursion.

I think of the young folks who might have grown up to have important careers in ocean studies, maybe even dreamed of being a pro surfer but are now horrified to think that every time they stick a foot in the ocean, it is liable to be removed by a shark's bite. Damned Discovery Channel. They've made me mad.

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