Sunday, February 21, 2010


Seriously? I went to the movies last night, and the concession prices have gone up again. Why even charge me to go to the movie? You must be making a fortune on your popcorn alone. I used to make it at my job, before they took our customer friendly popcorn machine away, and it cost maybe like $2 to fill that machine up. You could get about ten bags out of what those bags would pop. And you know how much the movie theater is charging for a large popcorn? Seven dollars and fifty cents. Let me say it again...SEVEN DOLLARS AND FIFTY EFFING CENTS. It's highway robbery.

Let's say they can only get five bags out of that popcorn. Even at that rate, they're making, what? Like $37.50? That's like a 1000% return on investment (I'm making a point please no one tell me what the ROI is on the popcorn). How do these people sleep at night? They could pay for the building, the movie, the concession worker's minimum wage...all on the popcorn alone.

Well, I'm taking a stand. No large popcorn for me. I'm only buying the small popcorn from now on.

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