Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Winter Snow

Yes, jerk face. I can see you have a big ol' truck, hummer, SUV, whatever. I know you think you can navigate the icey roads with the speed and ferociousness of a big jungle cat. But guess what? You can't. Just because you have big tires and a nut sack hanging from your rear bumper doesn't mean your wheels are unaffected by the ice. So, when you go whipping around me, I get anxious. Since your car is also bigger than mine, it's much more likely to kill me if we wind up in an accident. So, I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't act like a tard ass and slow your roll.

However, I must admit, that when I see you go speeding past me, and then slide into a 4 foot snow drift and get stuck, a special light goes on inside of me that causes me to smile.

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