Thursday, March 10, 2011

Coupon lady

I am a fan of coupons. I use them whenever possible to save a penny here and there. So, I say this with the utmost respect. Stupid lady in your Escalade, wearing Ugg boots, and carrying the Gucci handbag-- was it really necessary to show up at the grocery store, two days before a snow storm, and fill up your grocery cart, not only in the basket, but also the little shelf that's on the bottom? Apparently, it was. And I can get over that. Really, I can. But it was 5:30, which is one of the busiest times of the day. So, it became much MORE annoying when you had--no joke, folks--$140 worth of coupons. And get this, it wasn't a double coupon day.

So, of course, the twenty minutes I stood behind you while the cashier rang through $140 worth of .50 coupons was annoying. But the icing on the cake? Yep, that was when your last coupon for twenty five fucking cents would not go through and you held up the line for ten more minutes while the cashier called over three other people to try to figure out how to get your stupid ass coupon to go through. I'm sure your saving that .25 is what's helped you get your Escalade, but 5:30 PM two days before a storm is not the time to fuss over .25. If I were not wearing my work name tag, I might have punched you in your face and then pegged you in the head with TWO quarters just to get your fat hiney out of line.

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