Tuesday, April 15, 2008

resident aliens

I follow the law. I believe in people fighting, picketing, standing up against an unfair law, but as long as a law is a law, I follow it.

Current law states citizens of other countries cannot be in the US illegally. I understand the arguments for and against it, and quite frankly, I could care less. At this point in time, the law has legal ways for people from other countries to legally be in the US (yes, I know they are sometimes difficult and expensive processes), and if someone chooses to not follow those routes, then that is against the law.

Where is this going? I had two Mexican citizens in my office yesterday who wanted to open a bank account. They had none of the proper documentation, no Visa, no passport, nothing. They actually admitted to me that they were here illegally when I asked them their citizenship status--are they residents, permanent residents, etc? THEN, they had the nerve to bitch me out because I couldn't help them open an account without the proper documentation. And told me, "Americans make it so hard for us to be successful here."

Are you shitting me? Is it my fault you opted to leave your country and come to the US illegally? Is it my fault you do not have proper documentation? Did I write this law?

Don't blame your failed attempt to participate in illegal activities without the proper documentation on me. Makes me mad.

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