Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Why do only women get depressed? It's unfair that a random daily unhappiness seems to be gender biased. It makes me mad.

My husband looks at me as if I am insane when I wake up and say, "I feel sad today." He always asks me why, and lots of days, quite honestly, I don't have an answer. Some days I just feel sad. There is no good reason. Logically, I know it's silly, but emotionally, I can't control it. And men, they just don't seem to get it. My husband has learned to just give me a hug, and occasionally he does say, "it's the hormones." But for the most part, he just tries to steer clear of me for that whole entire day. He's learned it's for the best. Otherwise, he'll say something that he thinks is really funny and clever and I think is really offensive and we wind up in a big fight--you know, like the word, "goodmorning." Sets me off every time. He may not get those sad days, but at least he's learning how to deal with them.

Oh, and did I mention that it also makes me mad when I wake up and feel sad for no reason? Because it does.

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Katie Says said...

This is so weird I just read this.. I've been depressed since Tuesday and have no idea why. I fucking hate being a girl sometimes. and no, it's not hormones this time.