Monday, July 21, 2008

Spencer and Heidi

Hopefully, I do not need to explain why Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt make me mad. But just in case...first off, they take up space in my People and my US weekly. This is annoying, because they are not famous for talent, be it either writing or acting or singing. And I could be reading about someone I actually care about rather than reading about why Heidi is stupid enough to marry Spencer when he is clearly a total ass. Which brings me to...Second, Heidi is the worst example of how a woman should behave when confronted with a boyfriend who treats her the way Spencer does. She is not a good role model for girls. And third, why does anyone care about their personal lives and whether or not they are going to get married? Is that all they have to offer by way of contribution to the public? Do they not have anything else interesting to talk about, either than each other and whether or not they are going to be hitched? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND this phenomenon! I imagine someone must care, or they wouldn't get so much face time, but I cannot figure out who those people are! Anyone? Anyone?

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