Thursday, August 21, 2008

Attendance requirement

I started my new class this past Tuesday, and guess what? There's an attendance requirement! No more than three absences in a semester, or your grade drops to a B, and then one letter grade per absence after this.

Now, when I was an undergraduate student, I could understand the attendance requirement. But as a graduate student, and a thirty three year old adult person, I find it a bunch of BS. I have paid for this class--$600, and if I decide to go twice, only to take the mid term and final, and am willing to risk I might fail due to missing lecture, it is my right. I do not like that I am being treated like a child who has to be forced to go to school. Didn't I choose to do this? Didn't I pay my own cash money to enroll in the class? I think I did. And if I want to waste that money, then it's my right.

So, I'm pissed off. I am already going to have three absences that are preplanned, which means I cannot miss even one more time or automatically, a B.

I am thinking about staging a sit in.

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