Monday, August 18, 2008

cell phones

First, let me say that I never upgrade my phone. I don't need a fancy one that takes photos or can get on the internet. I just need to be able to call people, and so long as I can do that, I'm okay. My husband, on the other hand has to have the newest and best cell phone on the market. Or at least he thinks he does. So, he was really excited when my phone charger broke and I said that I wanted to go and look at getting a new phone.

We talked about switching from Sprint to AT&T, but we have several phones tied to our Sprint account, and I decided to just see what Sprint had to offer. He wants the iPhone, and was really hoping for a switch, but I just didn't feel like messing with it.

So, we go to the Sprint store. It's a freestanding store, and it just sells Sprint phones, so it's not like some random guys just trying to make a buck. Only the second we walked in, I felt like I was buying a used car. This guy had his shirt unbuttoned with a big gold necklace with a M on it, that was accentuated by the many curly, dark hairs on his chest. And he was pushy. Like a used car salesman. Only I wasn't buying a $10,000 car, but instead a $100 phone. The best part was that they didn't tell me all of the charges for everything. You know, kind of like how you buy a car, but they hide the fact that say, oh the transmission doesn't work properly.

When did buying a phone come to this? Oh wait, it's always been kind of like that--a bunch of salesman trying to sell you a bunch of shit you don't need or want. Which is why I don't ever trade out my phone.

But the thing that really made me mad? It was that hidden charge. I've been with Sprint for at least five years, never paid anything late, and they wanted to charge me $18 to just activate the stupid phone. Ridiculous. I walked out. And then went straight to Target and bought a charger. Guess I'll just have to wait until the phone actually breaks.

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