Sunday, August 31, 2008

Air Conditioner

My work has no air conditioner. It has not had air conditioner since Tuesday morning. Now, here's the thing...the air conditioner didn't break. Nope. It hadn't been cooling as much as it should, so our building manager decided August would be the time to schedule a maintenance. Well, it turns out, the damage is more extensive than originally thought. So, rather than go ahead and turn the air conditioner back on and have us work in 78 degree weather, warm, but livable, some fucktard decided to go ahead with the project and shut down our air conditioning for at least a week.

You know why? It's because that fucktard doesn't have to come in and work in my building when it is a whopping 95 degrees. They don't have to dress in a suit and smile at customers and seem like they really care about how so and so's account is overdrawn $500 when all they can really think about is how their skin is melting off their body. They don't have to guzzle down 27 bottles of water and gatorade all day just to stay hydrated so they don't pass out. No, that person is sitting in their air conditioned office thinking all of us who are complaining are just being babies and that we should man up. They haven't said that, but I know that's what FT is thinking.

And that...that makes me mad. Almost as mad as the thought of having to go into the fifth level of hell on Tuesday after the place has been shut up for three days in the heat due to the Labor Day holiday. Almost that mad, but not quite. Fucktard.

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