Wednesday, November 5, 2008

People with kids

Now, if you're a "people with kids," I apologize if I offend you. BUT this really pissed me off.
I had one of my staff call in last night, and so I had to stay to run the show, and I thought I wasn't going to be able to make it to my class. Now, if you follow my blog, you know that my class has an attendance policy. AND I've already missed my 3 classes, so this one would be my 4th.

I know that there is a girl in my class who has missed more than 3 classes, and I overheard her saying last week that she thought he was really cool, because he told her that he understood her having to do stuff with her kids, because he has kids himself. So, I'm calling, thinking, no big deal--he'll let me skip. I even offer to write an extra little paper or do a little project additional. But instead, this is what he says...

NO. The man says NO. He said he understood and appreciated my situation, but he could not make exceptions on his policy for anyone, or it just caused issues. I didn't want to say I suspected he had already made exceptions for someone in the class, because I had overheard and may have gotten the conversation wrong. So, last night when I went to class, I asked her if it was in fact true. And she confirmed that he was very easy going and told her that it was no problem if she needed to miss class due to her kids' activities.

WTF? Why should I be penalized because I don't have kids. This has always annoyed the fuck out of me. People have to stay home and watch Oprah with their sick kids while I cover their shifts. People have to leave work early to pick up their kids or go to their kids' Christmas plays or take their kids' on field trips. And then if I have to take my dog to the vet during work hours, people look at me like I've grown two heads. Well, excuse the hell out of me that you've been gone 17 times this year to kid functions, and I need to take an afternoon to make sure my dog has his shots.

I'm not pissed at the people who have kids, but I am pissed at the people who make exceptions for people who have kids, and the people who do not. Like Dr. Springer. He's an a-hole.

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