Sunday, December 28, 2008


Back in the old days, when I used to get a discount on expensive hair products, I fell in love with Frederic Fekkai. They used to be carried only in high end stores, but now the products are available at Target and Bath and Body Works. Regardless, they are still 'spensive, and a bottle of shampoo can cost around 30 bucks. Now, I'm not retarded. I know $30 is a ridiculous amount of money for shampoo, and since I no longer am employed at a retailer where I can get these hair care goods at half price, I use them sparingly. I have clung to the last bottle of shampoo I purchased a year ago by using it only once or twice a month.

Which brings me to this past weekend, where my in laws inhabited my humble abode on short notice. See, the short notice part is important, because normally, I would hide all of my expensive hair products, as I realize they probably don't know how expensive the shampoo is, and I therefore cannot hold them accountable if the use it. But here's the thing--I forgot to hide, and they used. Only, they didn't just use the amount you would think that someone might use over a 3 day period. They used half of the fucking bottle. What were they doing? Rubbing ALL of their hair with it? So, now I have about two hair washes left of my lovely shampoo. It makes me mad every time I look at the bottle in the shower. It's like it's taunting me. And who travels to someone else's house and uses up all of their hosts stuff anyway? I always bring my own toiletries. Were these people raised in a barn?

Nevermind that they drank all of the milk the day before I needed it to cook Christmas dinner. And then said, "I hope you didn't need that milk to cook." Hello, you think if you'd thought that, you might have gone ahead and replaced the milk.

Damned in laws.

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