Monday, December 8, 2008


Do people really think that shit is funny? I'm not saying every single forward is a waste, but I would say a good 95% of the crap people send me is just a way to cram my inbox full of a bunch of worthless drivel. I don't need chain letters. I'm not going to do them, even if they will save me from going to hell or getting fat. I don't want to look at fifty cartoons about women and men and their differences or what happens to your body when you get old. I don't want you pushing your political views off on me about not buying Muslim stamps or coins because they have removed "in God we trust" from their face. I've seen most of them before. Really, all you annoying people are doing is wasting my time. I have about ten thousand things I have to do in the morning, and those stupid forwards are sucking up valuable seconds as I have to delete them every day.

Please, for the love of Jesus...stop sending them.

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