Saturday, January 26, 2008

late moviegoers

It makes me mad that I make sure I show up at the movie theater at least 30 minutes before the movie starts so I can get my ticket, have plenty of time to get some popcorn, and still make sure I get a good seat. Well, that part doesn't make me mad so much as the part when some asshole walks in ten minutes late and expects me and my date to move down a seat so he and his date can sit next to each other.

I want to tell him no. I want to tell him next time, he should think about that before he walks into a new release movie on a Saturday night ten minutes after the start time. Too bad, so sad BUDDY! Looks like you and your date are going to have to sit in separate seats because your lack of planning is not my emergent situation. I got here ON TIME so I could choose a seat and not have to sit on top of Joe Schmoe who is now going to be right next to me sharing my arm rest and cup holder because you waited until the last minute to get here.

Of course, I don't ever say that. At least not out loud. But I do give him the evil eye through the entire movie and hog the arm rest.

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