Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Slot machines

You're probably thinking I am going to talk about how slot machines stole all my money and how they make me mad, right? WRONG!

My big complaint here is that the blasted things don't give coins back as winnings anymore. Oh, how I miss the days when you won $20 on a quarter machine and all the change came pouring out of the bottom. The clinks and clanks of each coin hitting the metal tray was the best sound in the world! When I walked into a casino I could tell right away if people were winning or not, because I could actually HEAR it. And believe it or not, I miss putting those coins in one at a time. It slowed me down. I lost less money. And I got "black fingers" and had to use those little towelette thingies to wipe the dirty money mess off my hands. In the picture in my head of Las Vegas, I walk into a noisy casino every single time--sometimes it's people at the Craps table winning or people hitting 21 at black jack, but most of the noise in my picture is from the slot machines.

Now, all I do is put in my cash and when I'm done, if the machine hasn't sucked up all my money, all I get back is a stupid piece of paper. Then, half the time, I cannot get the next machine to eat the piece of paper, which I still don't understand, because they are usually all so happy to take my money. Casinos are much quieter, with the exception of the 60 year old lady with the teased hair and cigarette next to you chatting you up. It just doesn't feel like the same Vegas anymore.

Bring back the coin machines! I want to walk around with a bucket of quarters going from machine to machine dropping a few in each as I walk by, hoping to win a big jackpot off 75 cents. Or losing all of my money a few pulls at a time. I want to look in the trays to see if someone accidentally left a nickel or quarter or dime, because the silver coin in the silver tray is sometimes easy to miss. Oftentimes, this was the only money I would "win." Nobody forgets to get their paper cash out ticket. I want to be able to reach into my husband's bucket of coins and take some out when my bucket is getting empty. Once again, a no go with a cash ticket.

Ugh! Did I mention I want the coin machines back?

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