Sunday, March 9, 2008

Double parkers

No, I'm not talking about parallel parking. What I'm talking about is the dillhole who goes to the mall on a Saturday afternoon and parks their car across the line so that they're taking up two spaces. Now, I know there are some people who just can't park. And there are some people, who when they went to park had another person next to them who had gone over the line, which forced them to go over the line. But what I'm talking about here are Mr. Hummers who have a brand new fancy car, and think because they bought something half the price of my house,they are entitled to use up two parking spaces so their car doesn't scratched. It makes me mad. Nobody wants their car door dinged at the mall. But the difference between me and that a-hole is he's practically asking for some pissed off mall patron (like myself) who has driven around for forty minutes and cannot find a single available space (like myself) to throw a little pebble at his paint job and pray it makes a scratch. At the very least, if you feel you are completely justified in using two spaces, come to the mall on a Monday night. Don't come in the middle of a Saturday afternoon.

And if you have a scratch on your car, don't look at me.

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