Saturday, March 1, 2008


I'm waiting in line at Hobby Lobby. I'm waiting behind four or five people to purchase some ribbon and thread for dresses. After a moment the cashier who notices the long line calls up another cashier, and as they open their register, they say, "I can take whoever is next."

Now why is it when people at the end of the line hear this they proceed like a herd of animals to the new register that was just opened? Even if five people are waiting ahead of them, they think they can cheat the system and cut and get up to the register before the people who have been waiting. The cashier did not say, "whoever has waited the shortest amount of time, please, cut everyone else. I opened this register just to accommodate you so you wouldn't have to wait longer than 30 seconds. Please disregard the other people who have been waiting longer. In fact, cut them off as they move to exit the line they are waiting in and get in my line, so that when they actually make it into my line, they will have to wait longer than they would have had they stayed in the original line." Rude people make me mad.

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