Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Final Sale

Are you familiar with a final sale? In case there's a man out there reading, a final sale is a fabulous clearance where you get items for dirt cheap, but they can't be returned. Now that's one thing when you are actually in a store where you can try things on, but a whole other animal when you shop online, because you have no way of knowing whether or not an item runs small or big or is a tight in the get the picture.

I shop J. Crew a lot, and I love the prices on the final sale items. There's some really great stuff, marked to near nothing--which means I can get a $200 dress for $85, which is a bargain to me, but my husband doesn't necessarily see the same value in it. Neither here nor there, I see the items, but I never actually buy them. And you know why? Because they're not returnable. I'm not a size 2, so everything doesn't look fabulous on me, and while an $85 dress is a great deal, it's not a great deal if my ass doesn't fit into it and I can never wear it.

But finally, there were some really cute head bands on sale, and who doesn't need a patent leather yellow headband? So, I folded--gave in to the yearning--and finally bought something from the final sale. I got the headband--fabulous!--and I wore it three times, and it broke. How does a headband break, you ask? Thank you so much for asking. The elastic part that goes around the bottom part of your head that holds the headband in place, broke at a seam, so now I cannot wear the headband.

It makes me mad I can't even complain about the shoddy craftsmanship when I go to return the headband, because I CAN'T RETURN THE HEADBAND!

The moral of this story not buy things on final sale. They are on final sale for a reason. Lesson learned.

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