Monday, March 3, 2008

Skinny people

I'm not thin. I'm not fat, either, but I'm definitely not thin. I'm 5'8, fluctuate between 145 and 150 and I wear a size ten. This means that I can look good, but only if I choose clothes wisely. I have fat legs, so I can't wear mini skirts or short shorts. I don't have a waist, so anything that accentuates that is not good for me. There are trends I cannot wear at all, because they do not flatter my figure. I have to spend extra time and be extra careful when choosing a swimsuit, because some look okay, but some make me look like a fat cow.

My best friend, she's a thin person. She weighs around 100 pounds. I hate her for it every time she has on a short skirt with cowboy boots, or when we go on a SCUBA trip, and we're sitting next to each other on the dive boat in our swimsuits. If I didn't look fat before, sitting next to 100 pounds in a bikini makes me look like the fattest person on the boat.

I wonder what it must be like to look good in everything. Thin people must spend a fortune on clothes. I weed out half of what I buy by eliminating things that just don't look good on me. How much would I spend if everything looked fabulous? What if every time I put a dress on, I looked like a million bucks? Would it cost me a million bucks?

Or to never have to worry about whether or not I look fat in something? I spend half my day adjusting my skirt/jeans/slacks to make sure I don't have a muffin top--or adjusting the back of my bra to create the illusion that I have no back fat. What if there really was none?

What if I could eat whatever and never have to work out and could still wear that fabulous bikini hanging in the Juniors section at Target, even though I'm 32?

And for all of these reasons, thin people make me mad. Why is it some people get to have spectacular bodies without even trying? I can't imagine what I might have done in a past life to be punished so. Not only am I not one of these people, but I am also forced to sit next to one of them on the SCUBA boat. Probably for the rest of my life. Just my luck.

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