Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I am sad to say Target has created a "basement bin" section. You know the section that always changes that is usually over by automotive and sporting goods? (This is true regardless of where your Target is. They almost always have this area located there). In spring it has all of the pool accessories and outdoor patio furniture. In fall it has school supplies. In Halloween, there are tombstones and costumes, and of course for Christmas, (which goes up immediately after Halloween, maybe before), there are the Christmas trees.

Well, now, they have a bargain section located there. It is a bunch of boxes with cheap looking crap that you have to dig through. It makes me feel like I'm at Dollar General. I shop at Target, because I like getting the bargain basement prices without feeling like I'm white trashing it up with the people of Wal-Mart. So, when I go to Target, I want to feel like I'm at Target, in a place where people wear shoes and have all of their teeth. I do not want to see huge boxes filled with cheap crap in primary colors where someone is bent over digging to the bottom with their butt crack peeking out of the back of their elastic waisted pants. It just gives me an ugly feeling on the inside. It's like all of the beauty has been sucked out of the shopping world.

Hopefully, this arrangement is just temporary--just an "hey, you blew all of your money on Christmas, so we need to make you feel like you're shopping at Family Dollar so you'll buy something"--and in Spring the plastic pools and patio furniture will return, just as they always do.


Terry said...

well spoken...by a woman who doesn't appreciate good deals on trinkets...you obviously don't have kids and do not realize that those little bins are the best places to buy stocking stuffers and such and btw...they have always had that little section by the electronics that has dollar junk...check it out next time you need a pair of swim goggles..haha

The Mad Hatter said...

Yes, but it's not in primary colored bins. That's just not very visually pleasing. But you made a good point, nonetheless.