Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Big Dogs

Have I done this one already? I can't remember. But especially during Halloween, it makes me mad. So, there you go.

Why, I ask you...WHY is it that there are loads of clothes for little dogs--little yellow rain slickers and tartan plaid hats and sweatshirts with clever sayings on them, but nothing for the (wanting to be) fashionably dressed 75 pound mutt?

I want to get my dog a Halloween costume. Nothing fancy. Nothing expensive. So, I head to Pet Smart. Nothing there for a dog over 35 pounds. And Target? Same thing, and they call their 35 pound dog outfits size large. I wonder what my dog's size would be--super duper large? Not very sensitive on Target's part.

I know he's hurt. I know on Halloween, he'll be devastated when he sees the other dogs roaming the neighborhood in their fancy schmancy costumes with their noses turned up. I know when I had to tell him, "they don't make any costumes in your size," it broke his little heart. I could see it all over his face.

But there's no sense in getting his hopes up for that Batman costume when I'm not going to be able to produce it.

That sad look in his eyes makes me mad at the doggie clothing producers of the world. For the love of God people, where are the big dog outfits? Aren't big dogs people, too?

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Anonymous said...

don't you have a fucking fashion degree? quit your bitching and make your a dog a slicker.