Wednesday, October 29, 2008

On the phone

You know what my new pet peeve is? Customers who can clearly see I'm on the phone in my office and just bust on in anyway. Sometimes, I even have my door shut while I'm discussing someone's personal business in depth. It doesn't stop anyone. That closed door is apparently not a clue for the dim witted.

Do you think the customer I'm on the phone with wants me to discuss their personal business in front of some random person they don't know? Would you like if I did that to you? Do you think you might be one of the most stupid people to walk the earth or is it just that no one ever taught you any manners? All important questions that alas, I cannot ask. I am forced to politely ask said idiot if they can sit outside for a moment while I finish up the conversation I am having.

Drives me nuts.

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