Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mr. Samuel the baby man

Mr. Samuel comes into my office. He wants to talk about babies (no, I do not have a career that would normally involve talk about babies). He wants to know how many I have. I tell him I have none. He INSISTS that I give him and my husband's name so he and his church group can pray for us at their Monday service. He then proceeds to tell me that his eye doctor and his wife have been barren for seven years, and once they provided their name to the prayer group, she got pregnant within a month. I try to explain to Mr. Samuel that I do not want to have any babies. He does not understand. He tells me the Lord has spoken to him that he should tell me about having babies, because babies are the Lord's plan for everyone. I think this is funny. But the man will not take no for an answer. He takes my card and makes me write down my husband's name.

If I wind up pregnant, I am going to be really mad at Mr. Samuel.

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