Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I am not a movie snob. I admit to watching multiple B grade horror movies on a Friday night. I love a romantic comedy. I'll watch an Indie or two, every once in awhile. The point here is I watch movies, all kinds of movies, but I watch them to be entertained. As long as I'm watching something that keeps my attention (which trust me, is hard), I don't care what it is.

I oftentimes think movie snobs like art for arts sake. They annoy me. They are pretentious. They do not appreciate movies--just certain types of movies. They are a lot like book snobs (which I am sure I will post about another day). They look down on people who watch movies in regular theaters--you know, those theaters that do not show ONLY independent films. I cannot stand these people.

But I digress. My main point here is that the Oscar contenders for best picture make me mad every year. One out of five, maybe in a good year two, are worth watching. Some of them are great because the acting is great. And some of them are great because they are an in depth character study. But some of them are horrible. They are long winded, have no point, and evoke zero emotion. I do not understand how they are nominated. I actually have to suffer through some of these films just to be able to say I've educated myself on all Oscar contenders prior to making my own "winner" selection. I cannot possibly imagine how any one person, much less a group of people got together, sat down, and thought, "man, I know that movie just sucked away two hours of my life, and wasn't even mildly interesting, but it's long, it's a period piece, nothing really happens in the whole movie, and it has some good acting in it. Definitely, this one should be up for best picture."

And for this crap hole list of movies I have to watch every year to maybe find one that I think is worthy of such a prestigious award? I blame the damned movie snobs. Those people who watch the movie and say it's good, because they think they're supposed to like it. They don't want to tell their other movie snob friends that they didn't like the best picture contenders. Because they might be shunned. They might be shunned by their other snobby movie friends. And then what? Their movie opinion would have no clout, and they would be forced to go to AMC or Lowe's to watch the "common" movies with the rest of us.

Once there they might discover the true value of entertainment. Maybe the cinematic pleasures of Transformers and The Bourne Ultimatum would not be lost on them. Maybe they would see the value of a blockbuster movie and what it had to offer. And *alakazam!* no more movie snob.

One can hope...

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